We currently offer two portfolios of projects completed by Meridian Stainless, Inc. One for custom marine hardware; the other for ornamental and architectural projects.

Custom Stainless Steel and Metal Fabrication

Meridian Stainless, Inc. is proud to introduce a new product to the welding industry. The Angle-Rite® Clamping System is a patented weld stress compensation clamping system. For more information, please visit www.anglerite.com.

Image of person welding using the Angle-Rite® Clamp.

Why Meridian Stainless, Inc.?  We have over 20 years experience in custom marine hardware and ornamental fabrication for public, commercial, and residential settings.

Red, Gray, Black logo for Angle-Rite® Clamping System

Even though our specialty is stainless steel, we work with a variety of metals and offer many services. 

Graphic of stainless steel spiral staircase.